Rock Climbing in Verbier

Beginners & experienced climbers can tackle the mountain rock

Verbier offers climbers of all levels a number of impressive and well equipped climbing routes that will challenge even the best climbers.

Experienced climbers can tackle the mountain side rock and enjoy the fantastic views (just make sure you have all the right gear and safety equipment). For beginners there are a number of adventure companies or mountain guides who can take you out on your first climb and show you the 'ropes'! Learn all the technique and skills in the safe hands of a well-trained mountain guide. 

Climbing is a great activitiy for all the family, just check with the guide beforehand what their minimum age is. 

If you want to get climbing straight away then we have some suggestions. The Pierre Avoi Sector has a number of routes, varying in grade from 3 to 7. When climbing the north face of the rock there is an impressive backdrop overlooking the Rhone Valley. There are a number of pinnacles which surround the main summit that allow you to safely work your way up the main rock face. If your family and friends are not interested in climbing, you can arrange to meet them at the top of the rock where there is an intermediate hiking trail which meets at the end of the ascent.

There are some 50+ routes varying in difficulty grading from 3 to 7+ in the Val de Bagnes sector in pretty villages called; Le Tsè des Barmes, Les Boutzes du Pleureur, Les Minis Boutzes and Le Bourrot. Some other routes can be found near Plamproz, below Fionnay, and at Sarreyer or Col des Gentianes. The sector of La Barme itself has up to 65 routes on offer. You can also learn to climb at the Médran Park Tower.

There are also 2 climbing walls in Verbier: the Médran Park tower, 11.5m high with 4 faces, and the La Marmotte Restaurant climbing wall (free to restaurant customers)


Event: Family Activity