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Nevai Sushi Bar, Verbier Centre

Enjoy your favourite sushi dishes in a relaxing alpine atmosphere

Nevai Sushi bar offers an extensive range of all your favourite sushi..Wednesday to Sunday every week during the winter season.

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The sushi bar is part of the Nevai Hotel, one of Verbiers most beautiful hotels. The restaurant features stunning views of the Swiss Alps, an open kitchen, a bar and a DJ.

Menu & Pricing


Edamame – soy beans served with rock salt or chili 6CHF
 Miso soup – with tofu, wakame seaweed and spring onion 8CHF
 Ceviche – white fish and prawns marinated in lemon juice with onion, garlic, ginger, coriander, mango, tomato and chili. 18CHF
 Tuna Tataki – 6pcs of seared tuna sashimi marinated in soya, served with wasabi-guacamole, caramelised onion and tomato. 22CHF
 Seaweed Salad – mixed seaweeds, lotus root and cherry tomatoes with a sesame dressing. 10CHF
 Bowl of sushi rice 5CHF

Sashimi (3pcs)

Maguro/Tuna 14CHF
 Sake/Salmon 10CHF
 Suzuki/Sea bass 12CHF
 Hamachi/Yellowtail 14CHF
 Hotate /Scallop 12CHF
 Unagi/Eel 12CHF

Sashimi Moriawase (12 or 18pcs)

A mixed selection of the freshest fish. 3pcs of each kind of fish. Served on crushed ice. 36CHF/54CHF

Chirashi Sushi

 10pcs of chef´s choice sashimi served on a bed of sushi rice. 34CHF

Nigiri sushi (2pcs)

Maguro/Tuna 12CHF
 Sake/Salmon 8CHF
 Hamachi/Yellowtail 12CHF
 Suzuki/Sea bass 10CHF
 Hotate /Scallop 12CHF
 Unagi/Eel 12CHF
 Ebi/Boiled shrimp 8CHF


 Ikura/Salmon roe 15CHF
 Tobiko/Flying fish eggs 10CHF
 Spicy tuna 12CHF
 Hamachi tartar 12CHF

Uramaki/Medium Roll(6pcs)

 California – King crab, avocado, mango, cucumber, yogurt mayonnaise and wasabi tobiko 22CHF
 Spicy tuna – chopped tuna with cucumber and spicy sauce 18CHF
 Philadelphia – salmon, cream cheese and avocado 14CHF
 Prawn – Prawn, rocket, cucumber, yogurt mayonnaise and red tobiko 18CHF
 Vegetarian - avocado, cucumber and carrot 12CHF

Hosomaki/Small Roll(6pcs)

 Tuna 12CHF
 Salmon 9CHF
 Cucumber 7CHF
 Avocado 7CHF
 Eel 12CHF
 Sea bass 10CHF

Temaki/Handroll (available on request) 10CHF


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Nevai Sushi Bar, Verbier Centre


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