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Verbier Snow Report & Forecast

Discover the latest Verbier snow conditions

Roddy Willis - Private Ski Instructor, Verbier Reporter | Published

Pistes in Verbier are still busy after the end of the UK half-term, as the Swiss school holidays continue. Last week, we enjoyed mostly sunny days but that's all about to change as snow returns this week.

The forecast suggests that it's going to snow pretty much for the whole week, starting on Tuesday evening and continuing al the way into Thursday night, with a brief respite on Friday, when the sun will peak out of the clouds, to resume snowing on Saturday.

Verbinet's dump alerts and snow reports are brought to you by Roddy Willis, a fully-qualified English private ski instructor who's been skiing in the Alps since the 1980s. He offers both on- and off-piste lessons to everyone, from beginners to experts.

Ski Area Snow Conditions

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Last changes: 27.02.2020 23:03
Weather forecast

Weather today
Weather tomorrow
partly cloudy / 0 °C
Weather day after tomorrow
partly cloudy / 0 °C
Weather today (22:46) m.a.s.l. Temperature Windforce Winddirection
Nendaz 1400 m - 1 °C 5 km/h South-East
Verbier 1500 m - 3 °C 5 km/h East
Mont-Fort 3330 m 0 °C 15 km/h South-West
Snow m.a.s.l. Snow height Fresh snow
Nendaz 1400 m 30 cm 10 cm
Thyon 2095 m 30 cm 0 cm
Veysonnaz 1233 m 30 cm 15 cm
Verbier 1500 m 56 cm 16 cm
Mont-Fort 3330 m 325 cm 30 cm
Avalanche level

considerable danger Actual situation (SLF)

Lifts (1 From 76 Installations In Service)

Mont Fort

Jumbo Mont - Fort 1 Gentianes
Mont - Fort 2


Le Châble - Verbier Verbier - Ruinettes Mayentzet
Chaux - Express Funispace Attelas
Chaux 2 Lac des Vaux 1 Lac des Vaux 2
Chassoure Mont - Gelé Esserts
Tapis Esserts Moulins Rouge
Tapis Rouge


Verbier - Savoleyres Savoleyres Sud Tournelle
La Tzoumaz - Savoleyres Tapis Tzoumaz Etablons
Taillay Nord


Châble - Mayens de Bruson Moay Pasay
Grand - Tsai


Aviation Tracouet Tapis de Siviez
Alpage La Dent Jean - Pierre
Prarion - Tracouet Prarion - Plan du Fou Siviez - Plan du fou
Novelly Greppon Blanc 1 Greppon Blanc 2
La Meina Greppon Blanc 3 Tortin
Baby - Lift Siviez Tapis de Tracouet Tapis du lac
Télécorde du snowtubbing


Les Masses Trabanta Matze
Theytaz 1 JOC Petit Vallon
Piccolo Theytaz 2 Muraz
Ethérolla Slow Vallon


Veysonnaz Piste de l'Ours Bambino I
Bambino II Inalpe Drus
Cheminée Tsa Les Chottes
Thyon 2000

Slopes (1 From 97 Slopes Open)

Mont Fort: Slopes

Cabane Gentianes Mont - Fort

Mont Fort: Freeride Slopes

Gentianes - Tortin

Verbier: Slopes

Moulins Rouge Esserts
Etiértses Chaux Route de Médran
Lacs Grand Creux Bleue à Fernand
Hattey Attelas Fontanet
Lacs Chaux Combe
FIS Piste des Profs Lacs

Verbier: Freeride Slopes

Vallon d'Arbi Mont - Gelé - Tortin (Grande Journée) Mont - Gelé - Chaux
Chassoure - Tortin Col des Mines Clambin

Savoleyres: Slopes

Taillay Planards - Carrefour Coeur
Saxon Etablons Combe du Nord
Tournelle Sud Planards - Esserts

Bruson: Slopes

Monneyeux Moay Grand - Tsai
Sur le Six Pissevache Pasay

Bruson: Freeride Slopes

Les Otanes La Côt - Le Châble La Côt - Bruson

Nendaz: Slopes

Fontaines - Prarion Greppon Blanc, piste des téléskis, partie supérieure (I et II) Greppon Blanc, piste du télésiège (III)
Greppon Blanc piste de téléskis, partie inférieure (III) Jean - Pierre - rouge La Jean - Pierre
La Dent La Nationale L'Alpage
Plan du Fou – Fontaines La Meina Combatseline
Plan du Fou - Siviez Tracouet - Prarion Siviez
Tortin - Siviez Tracouet - Hte Nendaz par Alpage Tracouet - bas de piste
Greppon Blanc piste de liaison Tapis roulant Tracouet Baby - lift Siviez
Variante Pracondu Novelly

Nendaz: Freeride Slopes

Plan du Fou - Les Fontaines L'Eteygeon

Thyon: Slopes

Ethérolla Les Masses Trabanta
Matze Theytaz 1 ( Slow zone) JOC
Petit Vallon Piccolo Theytaz 2
Muraz Les Crêtes

Thyon: Freeride Slopes

La petite Combe

Veysonnaz: Slopes

Piste de l'Ours Les Mayens Bambino
Inalpe Les Drus Cheminée
Tsa Les Chottes

Connection Slopes 4vallées

Nendaz - Siviez (par bus navette) Nendaz - Siviez (via Plan du Fou)
Siviez - Verbier (via Mont - Fort) Siviez - Verbier (via Chassoure)
Siviez - Veysonnaz / Thyon (via Greppon blanc)


Snowpark La Chaux Mini Snowpark Les Moulins
Audi Skicross Park
Centralpark Gaspard

Children Park

Nendaz tapis roulant Siviez Jardin des neiges
Nendaz Jardin des neiges
Thyon 2000
Crosscountry skiing Length Snow condition
Champsec 5.5 km
Plamproz 2.4 km
Ruinettes - La Chaux 2.5 km
Prachavio 4 km
Praz da Dzeu 6 km
Pralong 5 km
Thyon - Muraz 1 km


Piste de luge Esserts 0.2 km
La Tzoumaz 5 km
Tortin - Siviez 3 km
Haute - Nendaz, Plaine des Ecluses 0.05 km

Hiking Trails


Ruinettes - La Chaux (2.3 km) La Chaux - Cabane Mont Fort (1.5 km)


Sonalon - Les Planards (2.2 km) Planards - Croix - de - Coeur (1.5 km) La Tzoumaz - Savoleyres (5 km)


Mayens du Châble (4 km) Le Châble - Moay - La Pasay (6 km)


Siviez - Plan de Poé (1.7 km) Vieux Village (2.5 km) Les Crêtes - Le Dzoc (3.5 km)
Tracouet - Cabane de Balavaux (5.4 km) Bisse du Milieu  (5.3 km) Les Mayens (6.3 km)
Siviez - Tortin (7.5 km) Promenade des villages (7.6 km) Prachavio (7.8 km)
Les Crettaux (13.5 km) Pra da Dzeu (12 km) Les Fontanettes (8.7 km)
Antenne - Dzoc Bas (2.5 km) Ecluses - Bermouche (2.1 km) Cleuson (3.4 km)
Bleusy (6.7 km) Pra da Dzeu (4.3 km) Bisse du Milieu - Siviez (6.6 km)
Tortin (7.4 km) Siviez - Alpage (5.6 km) Antenne TV (3.5 km)
Antenne TV - Kids (1.2 km) Cleuson (5.1 km) Ski touring track Siviez - Plan du Fou (3.6 km)
Ski touring track Siviez - Combatseline (3.1 km) Ski touring track Pra da Dzeu – Tracouet (4.3 km) Ski touring track Siviez - Tortin (3.35 km)
Ski touring track Tracouet (4.9 km)


Les Collons (4 km) Les Collons - Thyon 2000 (3 km) Thyon - Les Chottes (5 km)
Tour des Collons (5 km)


Tour des villages Veysonnaz - Clèbes (5 km) Ancien Bisse de Chervé Thyon - Les Chottes - Thyon (8 km) Mayens de Veysonnaz Veysonnaz - Verrey - Remointze - Veysonnaz (9 km)
Bisse de Vex Veysonnaz - Mayens - de - Sion - Veysonnaz (8 km) Magrappé (3 km) Forêt de l’Ours ecOtrace (6 km)
La Zeu (5.5 km) Ancien bisse de Chervé (8 km) Montée Veysonnaz - Thyon (6 km)
Descente Thyon - Veysonnaz (5 km) Ski touring track Veysonnaz - Thyon (4 km)
opened    in preparation    closed   
27 Feb 2020
at 12:00
28 Feb 2020
at 12:00
29 Feb 2020
at 12:00
1 Mar 2020
at 12:00
Outlook P12 P4 P6 P4
Low Altitude -1 °C 1 °C 4 °C 2 °C
Wind Direction NNE SE N NE
Isotherm 0 °C 1000 m 1600 m 1300 m 1700 m

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Roddy Willis - Private Ski Instructor, Verbier Reporter | Published

Just as forecasted, snow started falling in Verbier on Tuesday night, continuing all the way through Wednesday with just some brief respite when the sun shone through the clouds.

It continued overnight, bringing around 30cm of fresh powder to the Verbier slopes. What's even better is that this is just the beginning of a very snowy few days, with another 25cm of snow on the forecast this afternoon, and then at least another 35cm from today and until Tuesday, making it a total of almost a metre of fresh snow in the next seven days or so.

The sun will shine on Friday, which is set to be a beautiful bluebird powder day. However, the avalanche risk has risen to 3/5 so please stay safe out there!